Club Of The Month - March 2017

*** The Canisteo Wrestling Club ***
    Congratulations to The Canisteo Wrestling Club for being chosen March 2017 Club of the month. The Canisteo Wrestling Club was founded in 1977 and has been going strong in the Canisteo Valley ever since. The club was originally started to give young wrestlers the opportunity to get prepared for the high school level. The club has produced 4 NYS High School champions and over 30 state representatives. We have always had an open door for any young athlete that has wanted the opportunity to try the sport of wrestling. The club strives to build not only great wrestlers but great kids with positive attitudes and sportsmanship. This year has been a very successful year on the mats for CWC. We had over 80 kids registered and have won 14 tournaments as a team and most recently won the NYWAY western regional. We have a great core of coaches and leadership and hope to keep building our program to be a force for years to come.

Club Of The Month - January 2017

*** Ruthless Aggression Wrestling Club ***
    Congratulations to Ruthless Aggression Wrestling Club for being chosen January 2017 Club of the month. Ruthless Aggression Wrestling is located in Auburn, NY and was established in the Fall of 2015 by Coach Maneri. The club is named after the coach’s older son for his relentless attack-style wrestling that he developed early on. The club focuses on fun instead of winning. Kids who have fun will try harder. In return, they will learn faster, which will result in more victories. The club started with 12 kids the first season, which ended with 2 state champions and a national champion. This year, the club had over 25 wrestlers sign up. Enthusiastic children showing infinite work ethic and supportive parents willing to go the extra mile are the key components of the club. The reputation of Ruthless Aggression has grown through word of mouth, and wrestlers have come from all over Central and Western NY to participate in Friday Night Live. For more information about Friday Night Live, please visit

Club Of The Month - February 2016

*** Underground ***
    Congratulations to UNDERGROUND Wrestling Club for being chosen February 2016 Club of the month. They are a private club established in 2011 by Darren Ryder & Daniel Gallo. It all started so local friends could train together as youth then move on to form a High School Varsity team. The club is located in Minisink Valley, New York. In a few short years they have grown from 4 kids in a basement to having 15 State champions with 45 state titles in total. With State championships approaching soon they plan on adding to these numbers. They have consistently been proud representation of New York competing in NUWAY National Duals with volunteer coaching. Several New York Youth ranked wrestlers include: Joseph Uhrig, Zachary Filip, Jeffrey Ellert, Ryder Machado, Preston Machado, Zak Ryder, Andrew Filip, Ryan Burton, Ethan Gallo and Nicky Fea. More information on the club can be found on Facebook

Club Of The Month - January 2016

*** G2 World Wrestling Academy ***
    Congratulations to G2 World Wrestling Academy for being chosen club of the month January 2016. G2 World Wrestling Academy is located in Rochester, Section V. The club was founded by Adam Burgos and Todd Wheaton August 16 2010. They wanted to establish a new standard in area wrestling - a year round opportunity to train young athletes. Head Coach Mike McInally has allowed the academy the maintain an elevated level of instruction and success on the mats. He tells us,"To many young athletes and parents especially, are focused on winning. My favorite athletes are the ones focused on learning. The more you train, the more you will win. Learn something every time you step on the mat. That's how you win." Coach Mike also offers one on one personal training to all wrestlers. Burgos on the goals for the Academy-"We will continue to grow and develop our members skill sets so they compete at the highest level. Ultimately a college education in which wrestling has helped open the doors to." Parents tell us they really appreciate such a family type atmosphere for the kids to learn and have fun while doing it. The place is full of talent and passion for the sport. Many members have gone off to Varsity and even College and come back to volunteer and help younger athletes reach there goals. They have a three annual sessions. (pre-season, youth & summer) They can be followed on twitter @G2wrestlingNY and Facebook -G2 World Wrestling Academy. For more information direct them to coach Adam at

Club Of The Month - March 2015

*** Slingshot Wrestling Club ***
    Club of the month for March Slingshot Wrestling Club! Located in Avon, the club was founded in 2013. Head coach: Derek Levendusky Assistant head coach: Scott Winseman Assistant coaches: Jeramiah DeNise, Eric Fiegl, Chris Harrison, Michael Hedding, Heidi Levendusky. What started as a get-together between the sons of two families in 2012 spawned into a full-blown wrestling club in 2013. By the fall of 2014, Slingshot had over 40 wrestlers, including a girls’ team called “Slingshot Pink”. Slingshot Wrestling Club (named after David’s slingshot that killed Goliath in the Bible story) is a faith-based, private club. Founded and led by Coach Levendusky, a high school and college wrestler, the coaching staff constantly builds four values into the wrestlers: diligence, courage, honor, and faith The club has “downloads” every practice, where one of the coaches gives a brief encouragement on one of these values and the club prays together. Their mission is to build a healthy view of God, life, and wrestling that shapes their athletes on and off the mat. Every wrestler is taught to have personal goals for wrestling, reject mediocrity, and learn to walk through whatever difficulties may come along the path to achieving their goals. Coaches preach “getting better” and warn against being over-focused on winning. They teach that wins will eventually come to someone with this mentality. This is why Slingshot travels far and wide to face the toughest possible competition. Some of their wrestlers get as many as 80-90 matches a year, many of those in other states.Slingshot’s club climate is a mix of family, fun, and intensity. They keep things light-hearted with dodgeball and wrestling-oriented games, but they also have a lot of intense conditioning, training, and live wrestling. They believe in giving “mat time” to their kids right at their club practices so that their wrestlers are ready for the intensity of duals and tournaments. They often create a competitive environment by separating into two teams and having a dual. They keep win-loss records of these individual “club matches” as well as tournament matches. Though they’re taking a break at the end of April, their summer program will begin in mid-June, and they plan to compete at the NUWAY Summer Nationals in NJ in August. Their fall program starts in early October.

Club Of The Month - February 2015

*** NWAA Falcons ***
    Club of the month for February NWAA Falcons! Located in Niagara Weatfield, the club was founded in the early 1980's. They are a volunteer organization run by Head Coach Anthony Kuhn and assistant Coaches: Jason Leber, James Hutchinson, Joe Kiszka, Jim Lostracco, Chris Coughenor, Bill Ploetz and Kerry Kitchen. Coach Anthony tells us half of his staff are members of the Armed Forces causing some of his practices to be referred to as "Boot Camp". They strive on teaching the kids life lessons not just wrestling lessons. Every wrestler in the room is taught to win or lose like a champion. They also have some in house competition. Currently, there is a three-way tie for the coveted award of NWAA’s fastest pin. All three wrestlers Parker Chlebowy, Te’Saun Mathews and Hamza Merrick have each recorded a five second fall this season. With 12 of their youth wrestlers currently ranked in the NY Youth Wrestling Rankings, they are focusing to become "Section 6 Team Champions" for the first time in club history. So far this season, they have taken the championship at 5 of the 7 Section 6 tournaments that their team has competed in. Recently they have competed in Fairport Jr. Red Raider Youth Wrestling Classic NY Top 100! Congratulations NWAA Falcons for having a successful team full of respectful members and outstanding competitors.

Club Of The Month - January 2015

    The Gladiators School Of Wrestling was founded in December 2013, wrestling out of Guliford, NY. They are a Non-profit club run by volunteers. Ran by Head coach Steve Spratley, with assistant coaches Michael Squires & Joel Ferrara. This club first got our attention due to showing outstanding sportsmanship, attitude and heart on and off the mat. They were 2014 & 2015 NYWAY Kickoff Team Champs and have many outstanding team wins. An estimated 13 of these fine kids are ranked in our rankings! They have been wrestling all over New York this year and picked up some nice wins in 34th Annual Canisteo Wrestling Club/Steve Barker Memorial TOP 100. We are mentioning this tournament because GSW club headquarters is 160 miles from Canisteo. That shows some serious dedication to compete! Congratulations GLADIATORS and keep up the good work!
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